The Oakridge Community Association collaborates with the City of Calgary, guiding positive change. We rely on your input to enhance our community. Easily submit your requests to the City of Calgary online today, and let’s work together to shape a brighter future for Oakridge and beyond.

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Civic Affairs News

Rezoning Q & A with Ward 11

Rezoning Q&As The ‘Proposed Rezoning’ brochure recently provided by the City states under Scenario 1: “An R-CG could have a maximum of 4 dwelling units on a typical 50 ft lot, with the potential...

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RioCan Development at Glenmore Landing

Notwithstanding other Community Associations concerns with the proposed towers, our main OCA concern remains the impact on traffic with this proposed re-development combined with other planned...

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Road Safety

As we move into Spring and Summer, we will have even more people out and about on our pathways, pedestrian crossings, at intersections without crossings and even children playing in their front...

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Report A Crime Online

The following non emergency crimes can be reported online:

Theft from vehicle (carprowling)  |  Theft of property  |  Theft of credit or debit card  |  Mischief to vehicle  |  Mischief to property  |  Lost property  |  Attempted stolen vehicle  |  Break & enter an unlocked premise  |  Theft from a parkade or from a vehicle parked in a parkade  |  Theft of mail

For all other crimes please call  the police non-emergency line at 403-266-1234. For emergencies or crimes in progress, call 9-1-1.

Submit A 311 Request

Your input is paramount for positive transformation. The City of Calgary values your concerns and encourages you to use their official online platform at to document any road safety, infrastructure issues or other requetsts.

Your submissions contribute to a safer, more resilient community. Thank you for your proactive engagement.

Submit A Traffic Services Request

A Traffic Service Request deals with persistent traffic violation(s) that are noted by the public in a specific area and that can be expected to re-occur when a responding Officer attends to the complaint.

“One Off” complaints where a specific violator or license number can be identified may be referred to 403-266-1234 for appropriate dispatched response.

Ward 11 Contact Information

Ward 11 boundary map

City Council consists of the mayor and 14 City councillors, one representing each of Calgary’s 14 Wards. Councillors represent the citizens in their ward in making Council decisions that have local and city-wide impac​t. City Councillors also sit on a variety of City Boards, Commissions and Committees.

The role and responsibilities of a Councillor are set out within the Municipal Government Act (MGA). Additionally, in order to promote transparency and accountability, Council has established polices that guide Councillor conduct and that require them to regularly disclose expenses, visitor listings and gifts.

City Council accountability – responsibilities, compensation and expense disclosures

Council Person:  Kourtney Penner

Telephone:  403-268-2430

Communications &  Community Liason:  Phil Fulton

Submit A Request To The Oakridge Community Association

If you have a local concern and are not sure where to report it, submit the request to the Oakridge Community Association and we will advise the best course of action.

Please be advised that requests submitted by our members take higher priority and will be addressed first.  

Our community association is made possible by the countless volunteer hours of our dedicated board members.  We cannot guarantee the length of time it will take to respond to a request.  

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For more information please contact:

Darrell Ogden

General Manager, Oakridge Community Centre