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You can submit a comment online or register to speak at the Public Hearing via https://www.calgary.ca/council/meetings/public-hearing.html?redirect=/publichearing

Referring to the March and April Echo editions on the topic of the Proposed Citywide Rezoning, the Public Hearing on April 22, 2024 and the subsequent decision by Council will be past when you read this. Although there has been significant support for improving housing affordability, Council will have heard from many Community Associations and Calgary residents that they are opposed to the Citywide rezoning. Thanks also to those Oakridge residents who let us know your views. Much appreciated.

We had invited our Councillor Ward 11 to an ‘Open House’ at Oakridge so that she could listen to and answer questions.  She declined our invitation but did put on an online 60-minute discussion on Monday 8 April between her and City planners on the rezoning. We did submit some questions ahead of time, but these were not answered. However, we did learn some interesting perspectives, especially on the continuum of housing supply and on the ‘Missing Middle’ and also on our Councillor’s closing comment on ‘Fact and Feelings’.

We will be studying the Council’s decision and its potential impact to our neighbourhood and our preparation for a Local Area Plan with our District 32 neighbours.