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Our arena offers a dynamic setting for sports and entertainment, while our event hall provides a spacious canvas for celebrations. For small meetings or gatherings, our boardroom is tailored for productivity.

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Arena Bookings

Step into a world where blades meet the crystalline surface, and the exhilarating chill of the ice sends shivers of excitement down your spine.  Whether you’re a passionate hockey player honing your skills, or an event organizer looking for a unique venue to host a memorable gathering, our ice rentals provide the perfect setting for your frozen aspirations.

Eight adult hockey groups utilize the indoor ice. Among them are the Oakridge Oldtimers, who provide a valuable volunteer base for the Oakridge Community Association. Members from the Oldtimers build and maintain the outdoor ice surfaces, facilitate community bingos raising money for the Association, and host the annual Stampede Breakfast.

In the spring, the arena dry pad is used for lacrosse and ball hockey by groups like the Calgary District Lacrosse Association.

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Prime Time (Weekdays after 4:00pm, All day Saturday, Sunday and Holidays)

Youth Group – 60 minutes $285.00 | 75 minutes $354.00

Adult Pricing – 60 minutes $340.00  |  75 minutes $425.00


Non Prime Time (Weekdays before 4:00pm)

Youth Group – 60 minutes $113.00  |  75 minutes $141.00

Adult Group – 60 minutes $189.00 | $236.00


Summer Dry Pad Rental $75.00 per hour

Experience the convenience of booking our arena effortlessly with online booking through Catch Corner.

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About The Oakridge Community Association

The Oakridge Community Association is a not-for-profit organization. Revenues directly support the Association, providing a venue for programs and events. The Association is led by a volunteer board of directors, along with full-time and part-time staff, and numerous event and program volunteers. Governance is overseen by the Board, while day-to-day operations and facility administration are managed by the general manager.

To sustain operations, the Oakridge Community Association depends on revenues from facility rentals and membership fees, supplemented by various grants for capital projects, facilitating facility maintenance and improvement.

Our Board of Directors convenes monthly on the third Tuesday (except for July and August), and the Annual General Meeting occurs in September. All meetings are open to the public. As per the Oakridge Community Association bylaws, individuals must possess a current community membership or be invited by the Association president to participate in meeting discussions.

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Darrell Ogden

General Manager, Oakridge Community Centre