As we move into Spring and Summer, we will have even more people out and about on our pathways, pedestrian crossings, at intersections without crossings and even children playing in their front driveways. We encourage all residents to DRIVE WITH CARE, obey the posted speed limits and avoid distracted driving. If you have any specific concerns, please raise these with the City at 311 and share it with us.

We have recently had incidents on Palliser Drive that we are aware of. Thankfully, this time, no one was hurt. We do seem to have relatively high traffic volumes during school opening and closing hours. We will be working with Louis Riel School Administration and other interested parties to help get the message out to drivers / parents and pupils/ children to “ BE ALERT”.

Calgary Police Service has also be present assisting with monitoring, education and compliance enforcement. However this can only be intermittent. So we are again requesting the City to improve some of the high pedestrian traffic interactions with various forms of road calming.